Inbound Marketing

Attract visitors through keywords, blog posts and social media Convert
visitors through calls to action and landing pages
Close with lead nurturing and sales

What is Inbound Marketing?

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The term inbound marketing was first coined by HubSpot’s Brian Halligan in 2005, and it is a powerful tool for business owners who want to increase leads and expand sales. Also called “pull” marketing, it is a way for “marketers to educate clients and earn their trust by using the web and other new technologies to share content with the outside world.” It involves a two-way interaction where the business learns about potential customers and potential customers learn about the business. It is different from the traditional outbound marketing approach – e.g., TV and radio commercials, print ads, and telemarketing – where a company simply sends its message out to an audience.


What Are the Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

  • With the advance of new technologies, inbound marketing has become 50% more effective than outbound marketing in generating leads.
  • Inbound marketing is especially effective for small businesses that have a high cost of doing business, sell knowledge-based products and services, or need to educate their customers about new and innovative approaches to common problems.
  • Successful inbound marketing can help you increase your sales by expanding the number of leads and new clients, while maintaining the clients you already have.

What Are Successful Inbound Marketing Strategies?

Successful inbound marketing starts with a well-designed website that has powerful and user-friendly content. It also requires effective SEO strategies that attract visitors to your site. Here are five other inbound marketing strategies that will help you educate online prospects and convert them into leads and then loyal customers:

  • Social Media
  • Ebooks
  • Ebooks
  • Calls to Action
  • Landing pages

Social Media

Social media networks are growing exponentially. As of January 2014, 74% of online adults now use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. As a business owner, you can capitalize on these social media networks to expand your sales and stay competitive. Posting regularly on Facebook or Twitter can help you become an authority or fun figure that people follow. By adding sharing “widgets” or “plugins” to every page on your website, visitors can share your pages with friends and family and multiply your reach. Social media networks also allow your customers to “Like” you, share their experiences, and recommend you to others.


Enewsletters are another way to educate new customers keep existing customers informed of your progress. Sending them out on a monthly basis can keep your business in front of them, strengthen your relationships, and reinforce your brand. Why not use enewsletters to let leads and customers know about the latest developments in your business, make them aware of special offers or events, or ask for their feedback? In the end, they are a cost-effective way to convert leads into sales and generate repeat business.

Calls to Action: The Key to Lead Generation

A Call to Action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts visitors to take action, such as subscribe to a newsletter, view a webinar, download an ebook, request a product demo, or download a discount coupon. All the prospective buyer has to do is click on a “call to action” button or link that takes them to a “landing page” that contains a form asking for their contact information. Once you have that information, you fulfill their request, and you are on your way to developing a new lead that can be used to generate sales and additional offers.

Landing Pages

Using a landing page with a form allows you to collect critical information from your website visitors that will not only turn them into leads, but also help you track their interactions with your company later on. One secret to creating effective landing pages is to make them simple and to the point so the viewer knows exactly what you’re offering and what they’re supposed to do. Another is to tailor your form questions to the type of offer you’re making. Don’t scare off new prospects by asking questions that are too personal. Start off with the basics and then ask more detailed questions as leads become more qualified and are further along the marketing funnel. For more information , click here and you will receive a copy of our free ebook on Inbound Marketing.


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